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1. Sunlight in the morning
2. Smile from a perfect strangers
3. Listening to music while traveling
4. watching the sunset and waves along the seashore
5. Singing while playing guitar
6. Reading inspirational books
7. My journal
8. the heat of the sun at the beach
9. gentle wind blows against my face
10. the laughter of my family
11. ice cream
12. brighten someone's day
13. eating sweet & sour gummy bears :D
14. my lovely long hair
15. clean smell of fabric conditioner into pillows and sheets
16. Watching the rain 
17. Bonfire with my best buddies

:D i think there's a lot of it but i forgot the others ..
So i'll keep this updated as soon as i remember
to appreciate little things like this,
to remind myself that,
it's simple things in life are the most extra ordinary...

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